Why did Obama want to become President of the United States

Obama behaves as if he was Drafted.  “They gave me this Job and look at the mess I got”

Obama often says he inherited quite an economic mess.  Most will agree with him.  He also cites how the economy began to tank under  Bush’s watch and Obama was fully aware of the huge mess he would be obligated to under take.   Knowing full well what a monumental task was at hand, he chose to seek out the office of President just the same.  Why?  Was it an ego trip?  Did he want the distinction of becoming the first Black President of the United States of America?   Did he actually think the economy would fix itself while he attended to his so called “change” agenda.  Turning America into a socialistic hand-out free entitlement society of wealth distribution, high taxes for the top 1% earners and freebees coming out of his ears?

David Axelrod will remember how Chicago Mayor Jane Byrne defeated incumbent Michael Balandik after the 1978 snow storm burial of Chicago.  Chicago lived under the snow with no parking 130 inches fell from Thanksgiving to Easter.  Talk about a big mess.

The point is, people vote by event recollection.  Balandik lost big because the snow was left on the streets for 6 months.  Obama will lose big because he slammed Obamacare down everyone’s throat with out a single republican vote supporting it.  It was a real snow job so-to-speak.  Voters voiced their opinion strongly in NOV 2010 and believe me, they have not forgotten.

What makes Obamacare even worse is that Obama spent his entire first two years, having a Democratic congress, time that could have been spent on Jobs but was wasted on a healthcare bill, filled with taxes, increased deficit spending, raiding Medc to help finance it and NO ONE WANTED IT.  As a result, Obama must pay and this means he must be removed and replaced. PERIOD!!!



  1. Your opening statement is silly. Obama wasn’t the only person who ran for president in 2008. Many people on both sides did, so why single out Obama for wanting to be president? Who knows why anyone would run for president–I wouldn’t, quite honestly it appears to be a thankless job, with little respect and payoff. Anyways, Obama, along with McCain, and Romney, and whoever else ran for president in 2008, clearly felt that they had a clear and different vision from the previous administration. Many Americans, maybe even you, think that they could be president or help fix America is whatever capacity. Why knock someone for feeling up for the challenge and going through with it?

    1. Why knock someone for feeling up for the challenge and going through with it? because obama does not take responsibility for his failed policies, instead he uses fear and blame excuses.

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